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1.Love Struck Café (2017)
Released • October 14, 2017 • Romance / TV Movie
Megan Quinn, an aspiring architect, faces multiple tasks – developing her hometown lake into a commercialized entertainment center, forcing Mrs. Frances Figgins, her childhood mentor, out of her...
Psycho Wedding Crasher (2017)
Released • October 3, 2017 • TV Movie / Thriller
Since she started working as a dressmaker for her Aunt Daisy, Jenna has seen dozens of brides getting happily married in her gorgeous wedding gowns. Jenna longs to have a white wedding of her own...
3.Garage Sale Mystery: A Case of Murder (2017)
Post Production • August 27, 2017 • Mystery / TV Movie
After buying an old reel-to-reel recorder at a garage sale, Jenn discovers that it includes the sound of a man pleading for his life.
 7.2/10 720p1
4.Sun, Sand & Romance (2017)
Post Production • August 26, 2017 • Romance / TV Movie
Kate reunites with an old friend when her boyfriend spends too much time working during their vacation.
 6/10 720p3
5.At Home in Mitford (2017)
Post Production • August 20, 2017 • Romance / TV Movie
An author with writer's block heads to Mitford to her recently deceased uncle's house for inspiration. Her neighbor, the local preacher, helps her with the book and maybe more through the both of...
 5.6/10 720p1
6.Garage Sale Mystery: Murder Most Medieval (2017)
Released • August 20, 2017 • Mystery / TV Movie
Jenn finds the body of a local college history professor hidden in a suit of armor she purchased. After the professor's teaching assistant becomes the next victim, Jennifer finds herself caught in...
 7.1/10 720p1
7.Garage Sale Mystery: Murder by Text (2017)
Released • August 13, 2017 • Mystery / TV Movie
A bass player is found dead before a planned tour with a big country singer.
 6.8/10 720p1
8.Garage Sale Mystery: The Beach Murder (2017)
Released • August 6, 2017 • Mystery / TV Movie
Jenn helps a widow who suspects foul play when her husband, an avid surfer and swimmer, is found dead on an isolated beach, the victim of an alleged drowning.
 7/10 720p1